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If you’re interested in scheduling a tour, lecture, or activity, please contact

Parking directions will be provided upon confirmation of your tour date.

What to Expect

We’re happy to have you at the University Farm! Here are a few things you should know for your tour. Organizations are responsible for communicating this information to all attendees.

  • Dress casually and appropriately for the weather, but even in heat you should wear long pants and close toed shoes on the farm.
  • For sunny days, don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • All participants should bring a water bottle.
  • Bathrooms are available beside the baseball field, a short walk from the farm.

Expectations for Visitors

For your best experience:

  • Listen to your tour guides.
  • Respect the animals; Be gentle, be quiet, and move slowly.
  • Most of our fences are electric, so don’t touch them.
  • Do not climb on fences, gates, pens or farm equipment.
  • Have fun, ask questions, and tell us your observations!

Tour Calendar

Our summer 2018 tour dates and will be here soon!

University Farm

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